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From a textile mill in southern Germany in 1861 to being one of the leading optoelectronic sensor manufacturers today, Leuze is continuously striving to provide innovative products that improve our customer’s efficiency and productivity.

Today, with over $164 million in sales, 16 wholly owned subsidiaries and more than 40 sales representatives world- wide, Leuze electronic offers unparalleled product selection, integration support, training, trouble-shooting assistance and production enhancement. Also, with over 12,000 products and our global service network, we have earned a superior reputation for providing high-technology value added products and outstanding customer support.

Leuze Switching Sensors

Leuze Switching Sensors

Everything in view for proper switching

This product sector includes sensor solutions that detect an object optoelectronically, ultrasonically or inductively and output a robust switching signal. Select here from a large number of different operating principles and designs.

  • Optical sensors
  • Inductive switches
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Fiber optic sensors
  • Forked sensors
  • Light curtains
  • 3D sensors
  • Special sensors

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Leuze Measuring Sensors

Measuring Sensors

Intelligent monitoring and control through measuring sensors

Measuring sensors can actively check distances, position system parts and monitor other parameters in order to intelligently and independently initiate actions and, e.g., intervene in processes for control purposes. Here, you will find a large selection of technologies and designs for as efficient and fault-free system operation as possible.

  • Optical distance sensors
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Sensors for positioning
  • 3D sensors
  • Light curtains
  • Measuring forked sensors

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Leuze Products for Safety at Work

Products for safety at work

Innovative solutions for personnel protection at your production systems

As one of the technology leaders in the area of optoelectronic safety sensors for industrial automation, we offer effective personnel protection devices in accordance with international safety standards.

  • Optoelectronic safety sensors
  • Safe locking devices, switches and proximity sensors
  • Safe control components
  • Machine safety services

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Leuze Identification


Codes simplify communication in automation

The identification of bar codes, 2D-codes and RFID transponders is among Leuze's core competencies. Complemented by other identification systems, it is their broad product range of IDENT technologies that opens up maximum flexibility to our customers. Leuze's products ensure absolute reliability and maximum system availability. Discover the world of IDENT products.

  • Bar code identification
  • 2D-code Identification
  • RF Identification

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Data Transmission/Control Components

Data Transmission/Control Components

Access data quickly and simply

In addition to the actual device technology, the transmission of data or the connection of the devices to a wide range of different fieldbus environments is becoming increasingly important and plays a decisive role in your system's ease of use and flexibility. Discover innovative connection concepts and universal configuration solutions that also reveal unexpected efficiency potentials.

  • Data transmission
  • Modular connection units
  • Safe control components
  • Power supply

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Industrial Image Processing

Industrial Image Processing

Because seeing is sometimes better

In our automated industrial landscape, the use of industrial image processing will increasingly become standard. Even today, modern systems allow camera systems to be used in many applications, thereby significantly increasing the reliability and availability of your plant systems.

  • Light section sensors
  • Smart camera
  • Industrial IP camera

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